Conventional Podcast is a project created by Jarrod Lombardo to learn why and how event organizers create their events. Jarrod has been volunteering and working in the convention industry in a variety of roles at over 15 different conventions since 2001

Episode 7 - Jeremy Pieta, Kelly O'Neil, Chris Lange (Nan Desu Kan)

An interview with three of the Directors from Nan Desu Kan:

  1. Jeremy Pieta - Director of Hospitality, Director of Technology, Co-Director of Staff
  2. Kelly O'Neil - Director of Merchandise, Co-Director of Staff
  3. Chris Lange - Director of Logistics, Director of Operational Technologies

Episode 8 - Amanda Liebermann (Nan Desu Kan)

Episode 6 - Kelly Shkuratoff (DevOpsDays YVR)